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Ironman Switzerland 2021 (Sept 5th) – Entry List


  • August 18th: Added Emma Bilham, Petra Eggenschwiler, Kristin Liepold, Joanna Ryter (WPRO),
    Igor Amorelli, Philipp Bahlke, Thomas Bosch, Kyle Buckingham, Matteo Fontana, Adrian Haller, Andreas Jung, Joachim Krauth, Arnaud Margot, Gwenael Ouilleres, Kevin Rundstadler, Paul Schuster, Jan van Berkel (MPRO),
    Melanie McQuaid and Matthew De Vroet are no longer on the latest entry list.

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Switzerland has 2m+2f Pro Kona 2022 slots. It has a total prize purse of 100.000 US$, paying 10 deep.

Male Race Participants

Name Nation
Igor Amorelli BRA
Philipp Bahlke GER
Daniel Besse SUI
Jean-Claude Besse SUI
Thomas Bosch GER
Christian Brader GER
Kyle Buckingham ZAF
Vinicius Canhedo BRA
Edwin Dasselaar NED
Matthew De Vroet AUS
Alessandro Degasperi ITA
Lorenzo Delco SUI
Arne Devliegher BEL
Benjamin Dicke GER
Matteo Fontana ITA
Rodrigo Romero Garcia de la Cadena MEX
Adrian Haller SUI
Kristian Hogenhaug DEN
Samuel Huerzeler SUI
Andreas Jung GER
Philipp Koutny SUI
Joachim Krauth GER
Arnaud Margot SUI
William Mennesson FRA
Jesper Nybo Riis DEN
Tom Oosterdijk NED
Gwenael Ouilleres FRA
David Plese SLO
Ger Redmond IRL
Kevin Rundstadler FRA
Ronnie Schildknecht SUI
Stefan Schumacher GER
Paul Schuster GER
Hans Christian Tungesvik NOR
Jan van Berkel SUI
Timothy Van Houtem BEL
Thiago Vinhal BRA
Ruedi Wild SUI
Cameron Wurf AUS

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Palmira Alvarez MEX
Emma Bilham SUI
Charlene Clavel FRA
Chantal Cummings GBR
Petra Eggenschwiler SUI
Leanne Fanoy NED
Kristin Liepold GER
Melanie McQuaid CAN
Angela Naeth CAN
Joanna Ryter SUI
Alexandra Tondeur BEL
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