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IM UK 2011 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

IM UK has gone through quite a few course changes and we’ve seen some pretty wild swings in the race adjustments. This year was no different, the race was still in the same location as last year but apparently the course was made a little bit easier. The race adjustment was 10:23 bringing the course rating to 1:30.

Male Results

Some of the pre-race favorites did not show up, so Aaron Farlow managed to win this race:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Aaron Farlow GBR 08:24:34 08:35:51
2 Romain Guillaume FRA 08:41:25 09:07:14
3 Nick Saunders GBR 08:51:31 08:47:05
4 Domenico Passuello ITA 08:51:52 08:58:06
5 Oliver Simon   08:54:28 n/a
6 Gregorio Morales ESP 09:01:44 08:58:48
7 Paul Hawkins GBR 09:03:41 09:31:53
8 Toby Radcliffe GBR 09:04:24 09:13:46
9 Juha Laitinen FIN 09:39:00 09:49:54

Female Results

Defending champion Yvette Grice had a pretty good race but was beat by two up-and-coming German athletes:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Kristin Moeller GER 09:19:04 09:31:58
2 Diana Riesler GER 09:25:41 09:29:01
3 Yvette Grice GBR 09:37:32 10:14:31
4 Joanna Carritt GBR 09:59:21 10:21:17
5 Nicole Klingler GER 10:09:58 09:44:07
6 Monika Stadlmann AUT 10:37:06 10:15:07
7 Conny Dauben GER 10:41:39 10:39:22
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