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IM Wales 2013 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

IM Wales 2013 highlighted the fact that Wales is the slowest of the current IM-distance courses. I calculated an adjustment of -30:06, leading to a new course rating of -20:21. The bike was just a little bit slower than last year (-27:31 adjustment vs. -22:18), the main difference to last year was the run which was very fast last year (adjustment of 21:07), and “normal” this year (-2:01). There was some talk about the run course being “intentionally short” in order to compensate for the long run from the swim exit to T1. Based on the times, I would say that the run course had pretty much the right length this year.

Male Race Results

Scott Neyedli won another Ironman (this time as a “working athlete”). He was in the front group after the swim, then pulled away on the bike (posting the best bike split at 5:11) and also had a very fast run. His victory was never in doubt during the run. Marek Jaskolka was able to hold on to his good position after the swim and came in second with a solid bike and run. The third spot on the podium was taken by Michael Goehner, who had to make up a lot of time on the run.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Scott Neyedli GBR 00:47:13 05:11:26 03:02:35 09:09:10 -10:48
2 Marek Jaskolka POL 00:47:05 05:16:02 03:07:22 09:18:16 -00:07
3 Michael Goehner GER 00:52:07 05:16:10 03:02:05 09:19:01 07:18
4 Markus Thomschke GER 00:51:11 05:17:29 03:06:47 09:23:57 -05:43
5 Harry Wiltshire GBR 00:47:01 05:19:02 03:15:54 09:29:08 -36:03
6 Henrik Oftedal NOR 00:59:19 05:22:15 03:05:50 09:36:10 -25:33
7 Xavier Diepart BEL 00:54:01 05:27:16 03:08:46 09:38:35 -00:08
8 James Brown GBR 01:00:50 05:31:07 03:13:46 09:53:31 -02:29
9 Morten Truelsen DEN 00:59:48 05:21:24 03:27:48 09:57:20 00:21
10 Ludovic Le Guellec FRA 00:59:01 05:59:20 03:35:13 10:43:15 07:32
11 Martin Cain GBR 01:00:39 06:08:42 04:10:35 11:32:07 12:24
12 Florian Kratz GER 01:04:36 06:42:27 04:11:35 12:11:10 43:14
13 Olivier Cardoen BEL 00:53:50 05:19:15 06:11:22 12:33:02 32:44

Female Race Results

After winning in the UK, Lucy Gossage also won the “other” British Ironman. She took control of the race on the bike and never was in any danger. Last year’s winner Regula Rohrbach tried to stay with her as long as possible but didn’t stand a chance on the run. Katja Konschak had the best run, but was too far back after the bike for a better spot.

Julia Gajer struggled a bit on her “first” Ironman race. Before, she raced Challenge Roth three times under 9 hours, but moving from one of the fastest courses (Roth with an adjustment of 18:29) to the slowest (IM Wales at -20:21) proved to be a challenge for her. (It just goes to show what a large influence the course plays). Update: As Jo Carritt indicated in her comment on this post, my initial comment was unfair to Julia. I’ve confirmed that Julia had two flats, couldn’t fix the second one and had to wait for tech support. By then she was freezing cold and probably had to fight to even finish. I hope she’ll have better luck in her next race and that she’s going to be able to race at her Roth level!

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Lucy Gossage GBR 00:56:59 05:31:36 03:15:02 09:51:21 -05:25
2 Regula Rohrbach SUI 00:56:01 05:36:54 03:35:44 10:18:00 -03:50
3 Katja Konschak GER 00:51:09 06:02:30 03:12:39 10:24:05 -01:18
4 Julia Gajer GER 00:52:05 06:16:41 03:18:25 10:35:56 48:11
5 Joanna Carritt GBR 00:59:07 06:07:13 03:28:55 10:45:40 -09:10
6 Katharina Grohmann GER 01:10:14 06:14:26 03:13:41 10:48:22 09:43
7 Amy Forshaw GBR 01:03:46 06:23:28 03:41:58 11:21:25 20:58
8 Bethan Fowler GBR 01:04:21 06:30:20 04:10:58 11:56:11 01:12
9 Zsuzsanna Harsanyi HUN 01:02:01 06:56:15 03:49:15 11:59:54 17:20

1 thought on “IM Wales 2013 – Analyzing Results”

  1. you are correct – this edition of the race included a full length (actually, about 0.5km over) marathon whereas it was measured ~2km short in previous years.

    the “mile dash” through transition adds 6-8 min onto T1 and therefor overall finish times, but this is not very much longer than T1 in NewZealand or Lanzarote (to name two other long transitions that I know of)

    Julia Gayer suffered at least one puncture during the race – i don’t think it’s fair to say that she “struggled with the challenging course” – just had some bad luck

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