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Ironman Hamburg 2017 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

This was the first edition of IM Hamburg, and almost all of the Pros seemed to like the venue and the course. The swim was wetsuit-legal (and still not very fast), the rolling bike course wasn’t very quick, followed by a fast run-course with lots of spectators. This race had adjustment of 5:18, comparable to Mont Tremblant or Switzerland.


Male Race Results

James Cunnama showed a great performance, in the end he won by more than twenty minutes. He was in the first chase group after the swim and rode the first loop of the bike with four other athletes (who ended up in second to fifth). Towards the end of the first bike loop he took control of the race, quickly building a demanding lead that he extended for the rest of the day, posting the fastest bike leg and a 2:40 marathon. A great confidence builder for Kona!

M1 James

Since winning IM Sweden in 2014, Horst Reichel hasn’t had a good Ironman distance race (and DNF’ing a number of times). He was very solid in Hamburg: Swimming with James Cunnama and biking with the first chase group. In T2 he was three minutes behind Markus but then methodically closed the gap and secured second place with the second best marathon.

M2 Horst

On the surface Markus Fachbach could be happy with his race: A third place finish secured a Kona slot for him, but he wasn’t satisfied with his performance. He said he tried to ride too long when James out down the hammer and never really recovered from going a bit too hard for a bit too long. Even though he suffered quite a bit, his third place was never in doubt.

M3 Markus 

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money KPR Points
1 James Cunnama ZAF 00:49:05 04:24:32 02:40:58 08:00:36 -21:31 US$ 15,000 2000
2 Horst Reichel GER 00:48:59 04:40:12 02:47:35 08:22:27 -34:30 US$ 7,500 1600
3 Markus Fachbach GER 00:49:10 04:36:27 02:53:47 08:25:36 -05:14 US$ 5,000 1280
4 Carlos Lopez Diaz ESP 00:47:38 04:45:34 02:54:55 08:35:36 -04:16 US$ 3,250 960
5 Alexander Schilling GER 00:49:02 04:40:02 03:07:00 08:42:05 07:44 US$ 2,750 720
6 Mike Schifferle SUI 00:59:01 04:47:46 02:57:09 08:54:09 -06:43 US$ 2,000 540
7 Lachlan Kerin AUS 00:52:42 04:52:02 03:10:40 09:03:00 -32:37 US$ 1,500 405
8 Lukas Polan CZE 01:03:18 05:22:22 03:11:40 09:45:12 05:02 US$ 1,250 305
9 Valentin Zasypkin RUS 01:03:48 05:17:45 03:20:02 09:50:11 -23:25 US$ 1,000 230
10 Michal Ivanco SVK 01:19:23 05:14:39 03:20:19 10:04:51 -03:46 US$ 750 170
11 Marek Nemcik SVK 01:09:19 06:12:29 05:02:00 12:38:35 1:02:35   120
  Christian Birngruber AUT 00:52:40 04:52:55   DNF      

Female Race Results

Daniela Sämmler had focused her 2017 summer on racing IM Hamburg, and she won the female race in dominating fashion: She was first out of the water and then posted the fastest bike split. Her 4:55 was the only female sub-5 bike split and almost 15 minutes quicker than any other woman. She then continued with an even-paced 3:08 marathon, just a few seconds slower than her marathon PR from 2013. 

F1 Daniela

Before the race Eva Wutti hoped that she had recovered from her win at IM Austria just six weeks earlier – after the race she said she had never had to work so hard to finish a race. Even if she was disappointed that she wasn’t able to contend for the win, she still finished second but coming short of securing the points she needed to qualify for Kona.

F2 Eva

Similar to Eva, third place Kristin Möller wasn’t happy with her swim and bike, in T2 she was in sixth place with a gap of more than 20 minutes to third place.

F3 Kristin

But Kristin was clearly the best runner in the field, she methodically closed the gap to the women in front of her. By the third of four loops on the run course she moved into fifth place and eventually even managed to build a gap of nine minutes to Sandra Wassink-Hitzert who was fourth in her first Pro Ironman race. Kristin’s 2:58 was the best marathon of the day and she finished in third place, also scoring a few more KPR points so she is now safe for an August slot.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to exp. Prize Money KPR Points
1 Daniela Saemmler GER 00:55:53 04:55:24 03:08:53 09:07:49 -26:16 US$ 15,000 2000
2 Eva Wutti AUT 00:58:58 05:14:59 03:02:02 09:23:35 10:54 US$ 7,500 1600
3 Kristin Moeller GER 01:03:37 05:30:06 02:58:10 09:39:43 05:46 US$ 5,000 1280
4 Sandra Wassink-Hitzert NED 00:55:56 05:25:10 03:19:31 09:48:37 n/a US$ 3,250 960
5 Verena Walter GER 01:00:30 05:19:04 03:24:29 09:52:03 08:26 US$ 2,750 720
6 Rahel Bellinga NED 01:05:53 05:09:05 03:59:54 10:23:56 04:38 US$ 2,000 540
7 Annabel Diawuoh GER 01:28:45 05:42:35 04:03:43 11:26:29 01:52 US$ 1,500 405
  Angela Kuehnlein GER 01:03:45 05:42:41   DNF      
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