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Ironman Mont Tremblant 2019 (Aug 18th) – Entry List


  • July 15th: Added Linsey Corbin, Ginger Howell, Carrie Lester, Lenny Ramsey, Kyra Wiens (WPRO) and Cedric Boily, Sacha Cavelier, Scott Defilippis, Peter Kotland, David Lacombe, Lionel Sanders, Andrew Yoder (MPRO), Pierre-Luc Blais and Eneko Elosegui have withdrawn
  • July 27th: Added Jen Annett, Pamela-Ann Bachelder St.Pierre, Melanie Burke, Jennifer Lentzke, Sarah True (WPRO) and  Antony Costes (MPRO)

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Mont Tremblant has 1m+1f Pro Kona slots. It has a total prize purse of 60.000 US$, paying 8 deep.

Male Race Participants

Name Nation
Anthony Adam FRA
Cody Beals (KQ) CAN
Cedric Boily CAN
Christian Brader GER
Sacha Cavelier CAN
Nicholas Chase USA
Antony Costes FRA
Justin Daerr USA
Scott Defilippis USA
Trevor Delsaut FRA
Ivan Dominguez USA
Chad Holderbaum USA
Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches CAN
Peter Kotland CZE
David Lacombe CAN
James Lubinski USA
Wouter Monchy BEL
Lee Roy CAN
Lionel Sanders CAN
Andrew Yoder USA

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Jen Annett CAN
Pamela-Ann Bachelder St.Pierre CAN
Anne Basso FRA
Melanie Burke NZL
Katy Cargiulo USA
Linsey Corbin (KQ) USA
Jennie Hansen USA
Robyn Hardage CAN
Ginger Howell USA
Meredith Kessler (KQ) USA
Jennifer Lentzke CAN
Carrie Lester (KQ) AUS
Heather Low CAN
Melanie McQuaid CAN
Angela Naeth CAN
Lenny Ramsey NED
Jodie Robertson USA
Sheila Treleaven CAN
Sarah True USA
Amy Vantassel USA
Kyra Wiens USA
Kelsey Withrow USA

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    1. He’s not on the official entry list yet, but he still has until the end of July to register for the race.

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