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Ironman World Championships Nice 2023 (MPRO, Sept 10th) – Always Up-to-Date Startlist

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  • Aug 17th: A few athletes have announced that they have qualified for Nice but will not start: Cody Beals, Justin Metzler and Jan van Berkel (who ended his career after winning IM Switzerland). I have crossed them out in the lists below.
  • Aug 17th: Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden have announced racing plans for the fall that do not include Nice. It is very unlikely that they will start, but I will leave them in the list for now.
  • Aug 18th: As reported by Tri247, Arthur Horseau was given a wildcard slot after he was late to the awards ceremony after winning IM Lanzarote.
  • Aug 28th: Max Neumann had to announce that he won’t be able to race Nice after losing too much time because of what was initially thought a minor bike crash.
  • Aug 29th: In a statement on his YouTube channel, Michael Weiss announced that he wont’t race in Nice.
  • Aug 1st: Oliver Martinussen announced on Instagram that he’s “down and out”.
  • Sep 1st: Ironman have updated their startlist and released bib numbers. One surprise for me was that with Jan van Berkel not racing, they have rolled down his slot from Cozumel 2022 to Fernando Toldi. They also haven’t given a bib to Sam Appleton, Matt Burton, Steven McKenna, and Luciano Taccone, making it very unlikely for these athlete to race on Sunday.
  • Sep 3rd: Jesper Svensson posted that he’s preparing for Challenge Almere, I have checked with him that he won’t race in Nice.
  • Sep 4th: Rasmus Svenningsson also had to withdraw, he still has some lingering effects from a recent Covid infection.
  • Sep 5th: Unfortunately, another athlete had to withdraw: Daniel Baekkegard has picked up a sickness in Singapore and is not yet back to full training. 
  • Sep 6th: Andrea Salvisberg also can’t race, he’s been diagnosed with Meningitis. 

To all athletes who can’t race for healthy reasons, get better soon!

Kona slots and Prize Money

IM World Championships has 3 Pro Kona slot(s). It has a total prize purse of 375.000 US$, paying 15 deep.

Male Qualifiers

This table lists the athletes who have qualified for Nice and are likely to race there. (There is a separate list for the women’s race in Kona.)

(I’m missing the birthdates for a few athletes and for some other I only have the year they were born, so if you spot any missing or wrong data, please let me know!)

Bib Name Nation Age Previous Results
M1 Jan Frodeno GER 42 5 finishes, 3 wins (2015, 2016, 2019)
M2 Patrick Lange GER 37 4 finishes (5 starts), 2 wins (2017, 2018)
M3 Sam Laidlow FRA 24 2 finishes
M5 Joe Skipper GBR 35 5 finishes
M6 Leon Chevalier FRA 26 2 finishes
M7 Magnus Ditlev DEN 25 1 finish
M8 Clement Mignon FRA 24 1 finish
M9 Braden Currie NZL 37 4 finishes (5 starts)
M10 Denis Chevrot FRA 35 4 finishes (6 starts)
M11 Rudy Von Berg USA 29 1 finish
M12 Daniel Baekkegard DEN 27 2 finishes (3 starts)
M14 Pieter Heemeryck BEL 33 1 finish (2 starts)
M15 Kristian Hogenhaug DEN 32 2 finishes (3 starts)
M16 Bradley Weiss ZAF 34 1 finish
M17 Matt Hanson USA 38 4 finishes (6 starts)
M18 Mathias Petersen DEN 28 1 finish
M19 Gregory Barnaby ITA 32 none
M20 Chris Leiferman USA 37 3 finishes
M21 Cameron Wurf AUS 40 5 finishes
M22 Bart Aernouts BEL 39 7 finishes (9 starts)
M23 Arnaud Guilloux FRA 34 2 finishes
M25 Mike Phillips NZL 32 2 finishes
M27 Robert Wilkowiecki POL 29 1 finish
M28 Franz Loeschke GER 34 0 finishes (1 start)
M29 Niek Heldoorn NED 24 none
M30 Jonas Hoffmann GER 26 none
M32 Andrea Salvisberg SUI 34 none
M33 Rasmus Svenningsson SWE 30 none
M34 Leonard Arnold GER 28 none
M35 Brent McMahon CAN 42 2 finishes (4 starts)
M37 Fernando Toldi BRA 36 none
M39 Kristian Grue NOR 28 none
M40 Adam Feigh USA 31 1 finish
M41 Andre Lopes BRA 31 1 finish
M42 Maximilian Hammerle AUT 30 none
M43 Georg Enzenberger AUT 29 none
M44 Tuan Chun Chang TWN 28 none
M45 Reinaldo Colucci BRA 37 3 finishes
M46 Matthew Marquardt USA 25 none
M48 Benjamin Hill AUS   none
M49 Arthur Horseau FRA 30 none
M50 Remi Conte FRA 25 none
M51 Ben Phillips NZL   none
M52 Nathan Dortmann FRA 32 none
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