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MetaMan Bintan 2013 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

The small number of athletes makes it hard to come up with solid statements about the race. But it looks as if the swim and bike were pretty “normal”, and only the run was slow (adjustment of -10:15). This might have been caused by the heat and humidity, but can also be explained by some athletes not giving everything they had – either because they are starting in Kona or because the order of finishers was pretty much decided.

Male Race Results

Courtney Atkinson lead the race for most of the day, but eventually had to DNF on the run. David Dellow was close to the front, but called it a day after the bike. Courtney Ogden was the strongest of the starters, he also had a great day of racing (going “green” – i.e. better than expected – in all three legs). Tim Berkel and Frederik Croneborg complete the podium.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Courtney Ogden AUS 00:50:48 04:36:21 03:02:31 08:31:57 -14:09
2 Tim Berkel AUS 00:50:45 04:36:07 03:12:59 08:42:12 -04:31
3 Fredrik Croneborg SWE 00:54:41 04:45:34 03:11:30 08:53:55 00:10
4 Matty White AUS 00:54:41 04:59:38 03:38:47 09:35:18 42:13
5 Justin Granger AUS 00:57:01 05:15:05 03:44:45 09:58:47 24:33

Female Race Results

Caroline Steffen raced close to what I expected from her: Solid swim and bike, then a solid run. All in all, she was a little bit faster than expected, but she didn’t fully show her Kona cards yet. However, we can expect Xena and also Mary Beth Ellis to mix up the Kona race if they bike anywhere close to the 4:50s they have posted. Gina Crawford completed her 4th IM-distance race for 2013 (and improved her rating for the fourth time this year). Last year’s winner Candice Hammond came in third.

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Caroline Steffen SUI 00:50:52 04:49:38 03:29:39 09:13:57 -02:39
2 Gina Crawford NZL 00:50:54 05:11:52 03:22:45 09:28:17 -00:47
3 Candice Hammond NZL 01:04:39 05:12:15 03:19:40 09:38:48 -03:56
4 Belinda Granger AUS 00:58:32 05:16:00 03:45:46 10:02:45 21:30
5 Simone Maier GER 01:04:44 05:34:12 03:29:55 10:11:48 15:54
6 Ange Castle AUS 01:04:43 05:20:08 04:04:23 10:32:05 14:30
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