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TriTrivia – IMTalk Edition


John and Bevan from the IMTalk podcast went through my 2013 Tri Trivia. They liked the questions, but said that they were pretty hard to answer without serious research. So here is a new set of questions designed to be answered without having to resort to a full list of 2013 results.

The questions start relatively easy, but the last ones get pretty hard!

  1. Who ended Cameron Brown’s winning streak at full distance IM New Zealand?
  2. Australia for the men and the UK for the women had a series of Kona wins. Name the highest placed athletes from these countries in Kona 2013!
  3. Name at least one athlete (m or f) who has won two IM-distance races in 2013.
  4. Who was the highest placed male Pro in Kona 2013 that has never won an Ironman?
  5. Name three or more new IM races after the end of 2013 qualifiers!
  6. Name a US athlete that has gone sub-8h!
  7. Which race will be the first Kona 2015 qualifier?
  8. Which was the last IM-distance win by Macca?
  9. Name at least one female US athlete who has gone sub-9h!
  10. Which were the last IM races won by US athletes (male and female)?

Bonus question:

  • Who were 3rd placed Pros (m+f) in the first ever Challenge Wanaka in 2007?

Have fun with these, and let’s see how good John and Bevan are going to do. (Here’s the link to download IMTalk Episode 398 where they discuss the questions.)

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