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Bevan and John TriTrivia scorecard


Bevan and John went through my TriTrivia questions in IMTalk Episode 398. Here’s how they did:

Question Bevan’s and John’s Answer Correct Answer? Comment
1. Who ended Cameron Brown’s winning streak at full distance IM New Zealand? Bevan Docherty in 2013 (but they weren’t 100% sure if Cam hadn’t lost earlier ) Yes They correctly discarded the wins by Marino in 2012 (race shortened to a half IM) and Ain Alar Juhanson in 2006 (90k bike, 21k run).
2. Australia for the men and the UK for the women had a series of Kona wins. Name the highest placed athletes from these countries in Kona 2013! UK: Rachel Joyce (2nd)
Australia: Luke McKenzie (2nd)
3. Name at least one athlete (m or f) who has won two IM-distance races in 2013. Eneko Llanos
Rachel Joyce
Fredrik Van Lierde
Yes The full list of double IM winners:

  • Frederik Van Lierde: IM Hawaii and IM France
  • Luke Bell: IM Australia and IM Mont Tremblant
  • Erika Csomor: IM Los Cabos and IM Austria
  • Victor Del Corral: IM Florida and IM Arizona
  • Mary Beth Ellis: IM France and IM Mont Tremblant
  • Lucy Gossage: IM UK and IM Wales
  • Rachel Joyce: IM Texas and IM Cozumel
  • Eneko Llanos: IM Melbourne and IM Germany
  • Chris McDonald: IM Louisville and IM Lake Tahoe
  • Ronnie Schildknecht: IM South Africa and IM Switzerland
If you include non-WTC races:
  • Dylan McNeice: Challenge Wanaka and Challenge Taiwan
  • Caroline Steffen: Challenge Roth and MetaMan
  • Eva Wutti: IM Copenhagen and Challenge Barcelona
4. Who was the highest placed male Pro in Kona 2013 that has never won an Ironman? Sebastian Kienle
(after only a short discussion)
Yes For the women, it was Kim Schwabenbauer in 22nd place!
5. Name three or more new IM races after the end of 2013 qualifiers! Lake Tahoe
Yes They thought about Canada, but correctly noted that it qualified for 2013.
There are also additional new IM races in Fortalezza (Brasil), Mallorca (Spain) and Langkawi (Malaysia).
6. Name a US athlete that has gone sub-8h! Andrew Starykowicz
(„that’s easy“)
Yes He’s the first and only one so far (7:55:22 in Florida 2013).
7. Which race will be the first Kona 2015 qualifier? Wisconsin Yes Scheduled for September 7th, 2014.
8. Which was the last win by Macca? 2012 ITU Long Distance,
for IM-distance:
2010 Kona
Partly The question I sent to Bevan and John was worded a bit loosely. Therefore, their answer of „2012 ITU Long Distance World Champs“ was correct (July 2012).The version I published on my site was more specifically targeted at „last IM-distance win“. Bevan and John discussed that question too, but they missed Macca’s win at Challenge Cairns in June 2011.
9. Name at least one female US athlete who has gone sub-9h! Mary Beth Ellis
Meredith Kessler
Yes The full list:

  • Sue Latshaw (Roth 1997)
  • Mary Beth Ellis (Austria 2011, Texas 2012)
  • Jessica Jacobs (Florida 2011)
  • Linsey Corbin (Arizona 2011)
  • Ashley Clifford (Florida 2013)
  • Meredith Kessler (Arizona 2013)
  • Elizabeth Lyles (Western Australia 2013)
10. Which were the last IM races won by US athletes (male and female)? M: Andy Potts (Lake Placid)
F: Mary Beth Ellis (somewhere in 2013)
 Partly Andy Potts is the correct answer for the male, but US pro Elizabeth Lyles won the last IM in 2013 (Western Australia).
Bonus: Who were 3rd placed Pros (m+f) in the first ever Challenge Wanaka in 2007? M: John Newsom
F: „maybe Hillary”
Yes Amazing! I was pretty sure John would get the male answer right, but had my doubts he’d also remember Hillary Biscay as the third women.

All in all, Bevan and John did very good. They got two questions only partly right, so I give them a total score of 9 out of 10 (plus the bonus point). Well done!

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