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2014 TriRating Report is Available

TitlePage ThumbI have just released my 2014 TriRating Report, an “end-of-year” report looking back at the 2014 Ironman-distance races and my analysis of the results.

The Report has more than 50 pages, including:

  • Top 10 Ratings (overall and individually for swim, bike and run)
  • Top 10 Performances (by “clock time” and by my normalized times)
  • 2014 Money List
  • a first look forward to Kona 2015

and a ton of race results and all rated athletes!

A lot of people have asked how they can pay me back in some way for the information I’ve been putting out. In order to enable that, I’m releasing this report through Gumroad. The report continues to be free (you can just enter “0” as the amount), but if you like the report and want to show me your appreciation for my work, you can donate an amount of your choice. Regardless of whether you donate or not, feel free to share with others and enjoy!

2014 Ironman Season Trivia

Here are some Trivia questions on the 2014 season:

  1. Who had the fastest IM-distance debuts?
  2. Who had the fastest Ironman-distance times of 2014?
  3. In 2014 we’ve seen 5 sub-8h finishes (for the men) and 23 sub-9h finishes (for the women). Which race had the most of these?
  4. Who posted the fastest marathon times in an Ironman in 2014?
    a. Men
    b. Women
  5. Which races in 2014 had the closest and widest margin between the male and female winners (Pros only)?
    a. Closest Race (race, margin, male and female winners)
    b. Race with the widest margin (race, margin, male and female winners)
  6. Which country had the most Pro IM wins in 2014?
  7. Which IM-distance races in 2014 had the closest margin between the winner and runner-up (Pros only)?
    a. Closest Men’s Race (race, margin, name of 1st and 2nd finisher)
    b. Closest Women’s Race (race, margin, name of 1st and 2nd finisher)
  8. Who had the slowest swim when winning an IM in 2014?
    a. Male
    b. Female
  9. Who overcame the biggest deficit after the bike to win an IM in 2014?
    a. Male
    b. Female
  10. Who were the top US finishers in the last three years in Kona (2012/13/14)?
    a. Male
    b. Female
  11. Which athletes won two Ironman races in 2014?
  12. Which of the Kona Pros had the most Professional IM-distance career finishes before Kona?
    a. Male
    b. Female

All answers can be found in the Rating Report!

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