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Multiple IM Winners in 2014

As part of my TriTrivia questions, I asked

Which athletes won two Ironman races in 2014?

Tawnee and I discussed this a few times on our TriNews podcast on EndurancePlanet, and a short, factual answer is also in my 2014 TriRating Report. (If you haven’t had a look at it, you can still download it for free!) This post has a longer look at these athletes and their results. Congratulations to these athletes on their great 2014 season – I’m very much looking forward to your 2015 seasons!

Linsey Corbin

Linsey had a great first half of the season, getting her two wins in March and June:

  • March 30: IM Los Cabos 9:16:43
    (53:11, 5:06:17, 3:12:03)
  • June 29: IM Austria 8:42:42
    (53:02, 4:47:02, 2:56:52)

She probably had big hopes for Kona, but unfortunately she did not have the race she wanted. Her 12th place should still give her enough points to plan a season focused on performing well in Kona.

Sebastian Kienle

Sebi had a dream year on the Ironman distance, winning the „big races“:

  • July 6: IM Frankfurt 7:55:14
    (49:40, 4:12:13, 2:49:35)
  • October 11: IM Hawaii 8:14:18
    (54:38, 4:20:46, 2:54:36)

His only disappointment was the 70.3 World Champs – but I guess that he prefers to have the Kona win instead of a 3rd 70.3 title.

Sarah Gross

SaraBrasilAt the start of the year, Sara was a bit frustrated by a string of DNFs. But she moved on and took a giant step forward by winning not only her first IM in Brasil but even following that up with another win in Mont Tremblant:

  • May 25: IM Brasil 8:56:35
    (55:41, 4:49:42, 3:06:12)
  • August 17: IM Mont Tremblant 9:40:26
    (58:42, 5:28:14, 3:07:33)

After all the racing in 2014 it wasn’t a big surprise to see her not have a great race in Kona. You can hear a lot more on her 2014 season in an interview with Sara that Tawnee an I did on EndurancePlanet.

Daniela Ryf

Daniela was a great addition to the 2014 IM season. She won her first two IMs as part of a 6-week winning streak that also included the European and World 70.3 titles:

  • July 27: IM Switzerland 9:13:30
    (56:41, 5:00:18, 3:11:03)
  • August 24: IM Copenhagen 8:53:33
    (48:37, 4:44:09, 3:15:15)

She came very close to extending that streak by almost winning in Kona – she’ll be an athlete to watch in 2015 for sure!

Meredith Kessler

At the start of the year, Meredith defended her New Zealand title and then clearly focused on Kona, only racing 70.3s over the summer. After her DNF in Kona, she finally won in Arizona after a string of 2nd place finishes:

  • March 1: IM New Zealand 9:08:46
    (46:47, 5:08:30, 3:08:06)
  • November 16: IM Arizona 8:50:41
    (50:22, 4:48:06, 3:07:56)

She seems very determined to finally deliver her best performance in Kona and will probably go with a similar season plan for 2015.

Britta Martin

Britta had a great end to her 2014 racing season:

  • September 7: IM Wisconsin 9:30:08
    (59:13, 5:15:26, 3:08:40)
  • December 7: IM Western Australia 8:56:34
    (56:39, 4:55:37, 3:00:00)

In addition to these two IM races, she also won Challenge Taiwan in April, making her the only athlete with three wins over the Ironman-distance in 2014!

Including non-WTC Races

There are a few more athletes who won two races if I include non-WTC races over the Ironman distance:

  • Dylan McNeice
    Dylan is mostly racing Challenge races – he won Challenge Wanaka in January (8:38:48) and Challenge Taiwan in April (8:23:44).
  • Cam Brown
    In addition to IM Cairns in June (8:20:15), Cam also won MetaMan in August (8:28:21). He is currently aiming for his 11th win at his home race, IM New Zealand.
  • Mirinda Carfrae
    Rinnie’s 2014 wins are from Challenge Roth in July (8:49:31) and IM Hawaii in October (9:00:55). A great season, especially considering the strength of the women’s field in Roth this year.

Photo Credits

  • Jay Prasuhn: Linsey Corbin, Sebastian Kienle, Daniela Ryf, Meredith Kessler
  • Ironman: Sara Gross, Britta Martin
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