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Challenge Wanaka 2012 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

The conditions in Wanaka seemed to be pretty hard, the race adjustment of –4:36 is one of the slowest in the last years.  The course rating has dropped by more than a full minute to 2:03 – just barely faster than IM Hawaii.

Male Results

Aaron Farlow put in a solid race to win another long distance triathlon:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Aaron Farlow AUS 08:41:53 08:48:52
2 Jamie Whyte NZL 08:51:53 09:02:20
3 Kieran Doe NZL 08:57:17 08:50:17
4 Courtney Ogden AUS 09:08:42 08:50:32
5 Jimmy Johnsen DNK 09:09:05 08:54:10
6 Petr Vabrousek CZE 09:15:21 09:02:34
7 Scott Defilippis USA 09:16:00 09:31:21
8 Marc Pschebizin GER 09:22:35 09:22:22
9 Simon Cochrane NZL 09:23:15 n/a

Last year’s champion Jamie Whyte also had a strong race and finished  second. After more than a year of not finishing Ironman-distance races and being in a crash with severe injuries  close to this race, Kieran Doe grabbed the last podium spot in a time that was only a little bit  slower than predicted.

Female Results

Gina Crawford proved that she is back after her baby-break and won in a convincing fashion:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Gina Crawford NZL 09:44:06 09:42:51
2 Britta Martin NZL 09:47:39 10:01:14
3 Simone Maier GER 09:57:42 10:20:34
4 Candice Hammond NZL 09:58:39 09:57:26
5 Julia Grant NZL 10:01:49 n/a
6 Nicole Ward AUS 10:12:39 10:10:10
7 Tamsyn Hayes NZL 10:16:23 n/a
8 Jodie Scott AUS 10:53:43 10:46:32
9 Jo Carrel NZL 11:26:19 10:57:27
10 Sarah Richardson   11:40:20 n/a

Britta Martin ran her way into second place. She and third-place Simone Maier were the only women who managed to finish faster than their expected times.

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