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Challenge Wanaka 2013 – Analyzing Results

This Saturday, we’ve had the first Iron-distance Pro race of the year in beautiful Wanaka, New Zealand.

As usual, the conditions for the race were pretty slow – the overall adjustment was -6:02 (leading to a new course rating of -4:39). The adjustments mainly came from a cold swim and a windy and hilly bike, while the run was pretty much comparable to other courses.

Male Race Results

Before the race, overall favorite Chris McCormack was a bit skeptical about his fitness. His fears were justified, his results were okay, but not up to his usual standard. (As a consequence, he slipped to #16 in my ratings, and Jordan Rapp moved into #10.) Instead, the race was won by Iron-rookie Dylan McNeice, who posted a fantastic swim time (close to the course record by Kieran Doe, but well ahead of all other athletes), held steady on the bike and then was still cool enough to shake off Jamie Whyte who managed to close the gap on the run. Another impressive debut!

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Actual Time Expected Time
1 Dylan McNeice NZL 00:47:56 04:58:14 02:59:59 08:51:18 n/a
2 Jamie Whyte NZL 00:55:05 04:52:42 03:03:45 08:55:43 08:52:35
3 Chris McCormack AUS 00:55:07 04:58:44 02:59:52 08:58:05 08:32:53
4 Keegan Williams NZL 00:59:09 04:56:01 03:00:21 08:59:50 09:06:40
5 Bryan Rhodes NZL 00:51:38 04:56:47 03:12:00 09:04:12 09:20:54
6 Carl Read NZL 00:59:33 05:06:14 02:58:10 09:08:23 n/a
7 Axel Reiser NZL 01:02:18 05:17:19 03:19:56 09:44:28 09:14:51
8 Leon Griffin AUS 00:55:10 04:54:49 03:55:33 09:51:14 09:02:52

Female Race Results

On the female side, race favorite Gina Crawford delivered. Her win faced its biggest danger when she caught some stomach bug in the week before the race, but she was strong enough on race day to win wire-to-wire in a new course record. Her bike was so strong that she opened a 16 minute gap to Jo Lawn, who in turn was run down in the last stretch by Candice Hammond. Kate Bevilaqua struggled a bit on her comeback after more than a year of struggling with injuries – but at least she’s back to finishing Ironman-distance races!

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Actual Time Expected Time
1 Gina Crawford NZL 00:59:14 05:08:30 03:11:07 09:24:31 09:35:52
2 Candice Hammond NZL 01:06:52 05:23:07 03:09:43 09:44:22 09:49:33
3 Joanna Lawn NZL 00:59:46 05:24:20 03:15:08 09:44:30 09:40:40
4 Simone Maier GER 01:13:10 05:20:30 03:12:08 09:51:23 10:06:53
5 Tamsyn Hayes NZL 01:06:44 05:29:15 03:39:54 10:21:04 10:07:57
6 Kate Bevilaqua AUS 01:00:42 05:33:58 03:43:11 10:22:49 10:00:49
7 Ali Hollington NZL 01:10:04 05:49:59 03:51:10 10:56:53 n/a
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