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Fastest 2017 Ironman Finishes by Continent and Nation (Men)

I’ve recently posted about the fastest 2017 IM finishes, this post aggregates the data by continent and nations: Who were the fastest women in 2017?

Fastest Male IM Finishes by Continent

The continental situation is the same for the men as for the women: Europe, North America and Oceania are close together, Africa and South America are a bit back, followed by Asia/Pacific with a large gap. One surprise to me is that the fastest Oceania time in 2017 was posted by an athlete from New Zealand (Mike Phillips).

Continent Athlete Nation Time Date Race
Africa Cunnama, James ZAF 08:00:36 13.08.17 IM Hamburg
Asia/Pacific Oh, Young Hwan KOR 09:02:41 09.07.17 Challenge Roth
Oceania Phillips, Mike NZL 07:52:50 30.09.17 IM Barcelona
Europe Don, Tim GBR 07:40:23 28.05.17 IM Brasil
North America Hanson, Matt USA 07:52:44 22.04.17 IM Texas
South America Amorelli, Igor BRA 08:06:58 28.05.17 IM Brasil

Fastest Male IM Finishes by Nation

There are always nations where the top spot is hotly contested (for example the “big nations” that have most of the wins: Australia, Great Britain, Germany, USA) and it’s not always easy to keep track of who’s been the fastest in the season. There were a number of national records this year, with the exception of Tim Don’s British record at IM Brasil they were all posted in Texas and Barcelona. (A complete list of national records can be found on my page on IM Records.)

Nation Athlete Time Date Race
AUS Josh Amberger 08:02:17 11.06.17 IM Cairns
BEL Bart Aernouts 07:59:07 09.07.17 Challenge Roth
BMU (NR) Tyler Butterfield 07:58:29 22.04.17 IM Texas
BRA Igor Amorelli 08:06:58 28.05.17 IM Brasil
CAN Lionel Sanders 07:54:10 19.11.17 IM Arizona
ESP Ivan Rana 07:58:39 26.11.17 IM Cozumel
EST (NR) Kirill Kotshegarov 07:59:32 22.04.17 IM Texas
FRA (NR) Antony Costes 07:49:19 30.09.17 IM Barcelona
GBR (NR) Tim Don 07:40:23 28.05.17 IM Brasil
GER Sebastian Kienle 07:48:11 26.11.17 IM Cozumel
NED (NR) Bas Diederen 08:04:51 30.09.17 IM Barcelona
NZL Mike Phillips 07:52:50 30.09.17 IM Barcelona
SUI (NR) Ronnie Schildknecht 07:56:21 22.04.17 IM Texas
UKR (NR) Viktor Zyemtsev 07:58:03 30.09.17 IM Barcelona
USA (NR) Matt Hanson 07:52:44 22.04.17 IM Texas

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