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IM Austria 2011 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

As usual, Austria was very fast with an adjustment of 23:57. The weather added to a great environment for record times.

Male Results

Of course, the big news this weekend was Marino setting a new world record time. It’s a good thing he set this in a WTC event, so at least we won’t get the annoying corporate speak of “Ironman world record” and “Ironman-distance world best”:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Marino Vanhoenacker BEL 07:45:58 07:59:43
2 Michael Weiss AUT 07:57:39 08:15:01
3 Marko Albert EST 08:08:17 n/a
4 Tom Lowe GBR 08:11:30 08:01:33
5 Stephen Bayliss GBR 08:16:47 08:27:11
6 Jozsef Major HUN 08:28:15 08:25:32
7 Anton Blokhin UKR 08:30:57 08:39:04
8 Dorian Wagner GER 08:37:01 n/a
9 Ernst Moser AUT 08:37:10 08:43:12
10 Lukas Vrobel CZE 08:39:56 08:57:03
11 Andreas Wolpert GER 08:44:37 08:57:04
12 Marcel Bischof GER 08:44:51 09:17:22
13 Dominik Berger AUT 08:45:32 08:39:59
14 Michal Kulich SVK 08:53:43 n/a
15 Jules Hatcher GBR 08:55:15 n/a
16 Jerzy Kasemier NLD 09:04:22 09:32:49
17 Paul Westwood NZL 09:43:43 08:54:51
18 Gergely Nagy HUN 10:11:56 10:08:02
19 Marek Nemcik SVK 10:53:08 11:44:39

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

With his great time Marino moved up in the rankings to the second spot (passing Chris McCormack) and probably has to be considered the Kona favorite at this point. (After all, Andreas hasn’t even qualified yet.)

There were a number of other notable results. Michi Weiss also went sub-8, improved his place in the rankings and is close to breaking the TOP 10 now (13th with a rating of 8:33). Marko Albert posted a great first Ironman result, and Tom Lowe posted another great result after his first race in Arizona and a missing South Africa because of an injury. He is also in the TOP 10 ratings now (8th with a rating of 8:29).  

Female Results

There were a couple more great results on the women’s side with four athlete’s going sub-9:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Mary Beth Ellis USA 08:43:34 n/a
2 Erika Csomor HUN 08:51:10 09:11:32
3 Diana Riesler GER 08:53:34 09:22:00
4 Heleen Bij De Vaate NLD 08:56:11 09:17:46
5 Eva Dollinger AUT 09:05:13 09:26:50
6 Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner AUT 09:11:36 n/a
7 Joyce Wolfe IRL 09:15:42 n/a
8 Nicole Woysch GER 09:23:31 10:03:21
9 Svetlana Blazevic SCG 09:30:15 10:33:15
10 Kristin Lie NOR 09:31:44 09:49:06
11 Monika Stadlmann AUT 09:53:56 10:21:05
12 Fernanda Keller BRA 10:39:08 09:45:48

Expected time is based on athlete’s rating (prior to race) and race conditions.

Mary Beth Ellis won her first IM posting a new rookie record. The next athletes also soundly beat their expected times. The results were really fast, especially considering that only Erika Csomor is actually rated in the TOP 20 (13th at 9:34).

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