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IM Mont Tremblant 2012 – Predictions (Main Post)

If you are looking for additional information on the participants, you can find a full list of their pro results in the detail post.

Previous Results

IM Mont Tremblant is another new race on the North American schedule, so there are no previous results. It is “only” a 1.000 points race, so it didn’t attract a very large or strong Pro field.

Male Participants

The best known name is probably Dave Harju, but the best rated athlete is Romain Guillaume:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Romain Guillaume FRA n/a 09:16:09 247
2 Dave Harju CAN n/a 09:20:06 285
3 Guy Crawford AUS n/a 09:27:30 340
4 Eneko Elosegui ESP n/a 09:45:06 460
5 Martin Lamontagne Lacasse CAN n/a 09:51:13 510
6 Ryan Cain CAN n/a 10:06:06 599
7 John Proc n/a unrated n/a
8 Charles Perreault n/a unrated n/a

He also has the best winning odds of the field:

  • Romain Guillaume: 56%
  • Dave Harju: 16%
  • Guy Crawford: 14%
  • Eneko Elosegui: 8%

Female Participants

On the female side, we have an almost guaranteed pay-day for any finishing Pro athlete:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Kate Bevilaqua AUS n/a 09:57:17 83
2 Uli Bromme USA n/a 10:03:22 98
3 Rachel Kiers CAN n/a 10:17:57 155
4 Amber Ferreira USA n/a 10:39:39 210

Here are the odds for winning the race:

  • Kate Bevilaqua: 51%
  • Uli Bromme: 27%
  • Rachel Kiers: 11%
  • Amber Ferreira: 10%
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