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IM UK 2011 – Predictions (Main Post)

As per usual, you can find additional information on the participants in the detail post.

Previous Results

The UK race has seen some changes in recent years, both in the venue and also in the layout of the course. So I’ve seen wild swings in the adjustments, they average out at the current course rating of 0:04.

Last year’s race was won by Fraser Cartmell in 8:40 and Yvette Grice in 10:01. The Baylisses (Stephen and Bella) scored two second places, each back by just a few minutes.

Male Participants

Stephen Bayliss is back his year and I see him as the favorite for the race:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Stephen Bayliss GBR 08:42:14 08:49:38 70
2 Nick Saunders GBR 08:49:57 08:57:28 107
3 Philip Graves GBR 08:51:29 08:59:01 112
4 Domenico Passuello ITA 09:01:02 09:08:42 158
5 Gregorio Morales ESP 09:01:42 09:09:23 163
6 Romain Guillaume FRA 09:10:11 09:17:59 226
7 Toby Radcliffe GBR 09:16:51 09:24:44 278
8 Chris Brands NLD 09:17:45 09:25:39 287
9 Paul Hawkins GBR 09:35:02 09:43:11 397

The field is not too big, and it looks that the relevance for the race is limited to British athletes.

Female Participants

Yvette Grice is back to defend her title, but Tine Deckers appears to be the clear favorite:

Rank Name Nation Expected Time Rating Rank
1 Tine Deckers BEL 09:32:03 09:40:09 29
2 Yvette Grice GBR 10:17:51 10:26:36 164
3 Monika Stadlmann AUT 10:18:35 10:27:21 170
4 Joanna Carritt GBR 10:24:38 10:33:29 183
5 Conny Dauben GER 10:42:50 10:51:57 219

Bella Bayliss is not back (I think she is pregnant), and it’ll be tricky for a British athlete to win the home race.

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