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Ironman Florida 2020 (Nov 7th) – Entry List


  • October 25th:
    • Added Ruth Astle, Ginger Howell, Heather Jackson, Katrina Matthews, Fiona Moriarty, Brittany Oliver, Samantha Snukis (WPRO) and Cody Beals, Andreas Dreitz, Dylan Gillespie, Peter Kotland, David Plese, Eliot Scymanski (MPRO)
    • The following athletes are no longer on the startlist: Melanie Baumann, Angela Naeth (crossed out)
  • October 16th:
    • Ironman has added some more Kona Pro slots and will provide 100.000 US$ of prize money.
    • Added Palmira Alvarez, Meredith Kessler, Renee Kiley, Ashley Paulson, Kelsey Withrow (WPRO) and Nicholas Chase, Derk De Korver, Clay Emge, Joe Gambles, Matt Hanson, Yu Hsiao, David Lacombe, Chris Leiferman, Sam Long, Brent McMahon, Jason Pohl, Tim Rea, Matthew Russell (MPRO)
    • The following athletes are no longer on the startlist: Anne Basso, Alexandra Tondeur, Trevor Delsaut, Colin Laughery and Joe Skipper (crossed out)

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Florida has 2m+2f +2u Pro Kona slots. It has a total prize purse of 100.000 US$, paying 10 deep.

Male Race Participants

Name Nation
Elliot Bach USA
Cody Beals CAN
Nicholas Chase USA
Derk De Korver NED
Trevor Delsaut FRA
Andreas Dreitz GER
Clay Emge USA
Joe Gambles AUS
Dylan Gillespie USA
Pedro Gomes POR
Matt Hanson USA
Christopher Hess USA
Yu Hsiao TWN
Aaron Kolk USA
Peter Kotland CZE
David Lacombe CAN
Colin Laughery USA
Chris Leiferman USA
Sam Long (KQ) USA
Brent McMahon CAN
Seppe Odeyn BEL
David Plese SLO
Jason Pohl CAN
Kevin Portmann FRA
Tim Rea AUS
Matthew Russell USA
Eliot Scymanski USA
Joe Skipper (KQ) GBR

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Palmira Alvarez MEX
Ruth Astle GBR
Pamela-Ann Bachelder St.Pierre CAN
Anne Basso FRA
Melanie Baumann SUI
Sarah Bishop USA
Ginger Howell USA
Heather Jackson (KQ) USA
Jessica Jones USA
Sarah Karpinski USA
Meredith Kessler (KQ) USA
Renee Kiley AUS
Katrina Matthews GBR
Jocelyn McCauley USA
Skye Moench USA
Fiona Moriarty IRL
Angela Naeth (KQ) CAN
Brittany Oliver USA
Ashley Paulson USA
Lenny Ramsey NED
Samantha Snukis USA
Alexandra Tondeur BEL
Natasha Van der Merwe USA
Amy Vantassel USA
Kelsey Withrow USA
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