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Kona 2018 Resources

Here is a list of resources for Kona 2018 (race on Saturday, October 13th):

Some posts from other Triathlon media:

  • Tim Heming’s discussion for the British “220 Triathlon” magazine about his Top 10 Kona Predictions for the Men and Women
  • Australian Triathlete’s preview of the Kona contenders and the expected timelines
  • Triathlete USA also has a set of Kona previews: “Can anyone beat Daniela Ryf?” and “Will Patrick Lange Repeat?
  • Talbot Cox has a whole series of videos, e.g. on Sebastian Kienle, Lionel Sanders or Daniela Ryf
  • The schedule for “Breakfast with Bob” (starting Monday) can be found here. (If you have a chance to watch it live, by all means do so – most of the Pros are really friendly and still relaxed.)
  • Ironman will do live shows Tuesday to Friday at 8am Hawaiian time (2pm ET) on their Facebook channel ( That’s also where the race will be shown on Saturday.
  • Talbot Cox has a series of videos in his “Kona 2018” series on YouTube.
  • The Ironwomen podcast has interviews with most of the female Pros on their Facebook page. They will also do live coverage of the race on Saturday focused on the female race.
  • WitsupLogoWitsup and Stef Hanson have a YouTube playlist “Kona Chatter 2018” with the top female Pros.

I’ll add to this list as soon as my friends and I release more information closer to the race!

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