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Kona 2017 Resources

Here is a list of resources for Kona 2017 (race on Saturday, October 14th):

I’ve had the chance to participate in a few recent podcast episodes, discussing the upcoming Kona race:

Here are some interesting articles written by friends in the Triathlon-Industry (please email me when you’ve found something of note that should be included!):

  • Tim Heming has written for the British “220 Triathlon” magazine about his Top 10 picks for the male Pros (female picks will be added at a later point).
  • Stef Hanson from Witsup is doing a series on the “Wahini Warriors” for this year’s female Pro race. So far, there are episodes on Michelle Vesterby and Sarah Piampiano, and Stef has probably added a few more since I updated this post.
  • A nice video on YouTube by “szTri” about Jan Frodeno and his motivation for this season:
  • Talbot Cox has posted a number of great “vlogs” on his YouTube Channel ( about the Pro athletes participating in Kona.
  • The “Breakfast with Bob” interview videos have started. You can watch the Monday interviews (and the following day’s episodes) on the Babbitville YouTube Channel.

I’ll add to this list as soon as my friends and I release more information closer to the race!

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