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Kona 2016 Resources

Here is a list of resources for Kona 2016 (race on October 8th):

  • Kona Rating Report (100+ pages with tons of information about the Pro field, order using this link or click ‘Get Kona Report’ in the sidebar, check out some more details and feedback in the post announcing the Report)
  • My „always up-to-date“ Kona 2016 Pro Startlist (last update on Sept 29th with the withdrawals of Natascha Schmitt, Mareen Hufe and Pete Jacobs)
  • My predictions for the male and female Pros (including a “heatmap” of the strengths of each athlete).
  • If you want to know more details about the previous results of the Kona Pros, here’s a self-contained HTML file (that you can download locally – right click and “Save Link ..” or similar) with the 2016 Kona Pro Data.
  • I’ve had a great chat with John Newsom and Bevan Eyles on the IMTalk podcast (Episode 535).
  • The Kona previews I have written for triathlete Magazine are available on the web, check out my look at the female and male fields.
  • Tawnee Prazak and I have a race preview chat on the EndurancePlanet “Kona Special“.
  • On the “Cup of Tri” (Episode 93) Rob Wilby and I put a special focus on the chances of the British Pros in Kona.
  • I’ve had a long chat with Bevan McKinnon (who will be racing in Kona and hopes to do well in the M45 agegroup) about how the Kona Pro races are shaping up and who to look for on Fitter Radio. I’m stoked to be in the same episode with legends such as Lisa Bentley, Paul Buick, Brent McMahon and the IM Talk hosts Bevan and John.

Here are some more posts from my friends and triathlon media:

I’ll add to this list as soon as my friends and I release more information closer to the race!

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