Kona 2014 Resources

Thanks to the support of VeloDynamics, I will again be able to offer my “Live Predictions” during the race at http://kona.trirating.com – combining the actual splits as the race progresses with my predictions to give you much better insight into how the race will likely turn out. All of this on one easy to use page with all the useful information. Please check it out!

Here is a list of my resources for Kona 2014:

Here are some more articles and interviews that I found interesting:

  • Interview by Tawnee Prazak on EndurancePlanet with Craig Alexander, Terenzo Bozzone and Pro race previews with Hillary Biscay and Chris McCormack
  • Interview on IMTalk with Andy Starykowicz, they also have “Kona Super Specials” with loads of interviews
  • John Levison on tri247.com about “Pro Men: How to win Kona” and a similar post for the women)
  • The guys on firstoffthebike.com have a number of articles focused on the Kona field (e.g. The Kona Book, or the Women Contenders)
  • Timothy Carlson has posted detailed looks at the Kona fields for years on slowtwitch, check out his Men’s Preview and Women’s Preview
  • Bob Babbit has a lot of recent interviews with Kona contenders at Babbitville (plus he will be doing his “Breakfast with Bob” interviews in the week before Kona)
  • Cupacakes with Cal is a series of interviews with the big names in Triathlon by Pro triathlete Callum Millward – a mixture of good fun and great content
  • For the German language speakers: tri2b.com has a lot of interviews (e.g. Jan Frodeno, Julia Gajer) on their YouTube channel and tri-mag some more with Sebi Kienle, Andi Raelert, Caroline Steffen and other close to the race

I’ll update this list as soon as my friends and I release more information over the next days!

3 Responses to Kona 2014 Resources

  1. George October 11, 2014 at 6:48 am #

    Hey I’ve been reading your site for a couple of months and I do have a couple comments about your estimated vs actually results. It seems that women outperform your expected more often and by a larger margin than men and that pro men outside of the top 10 underperform expections a lot. I an curious how those things happen? But I do enjoy reading this site but those disperances always bothered me.


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