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KPR Situation Before the Last Races for Kona 2016

The final races for 2016 qualifying are going to be on the upcoming weekend of August 21st. While the last 70.3 at Timberman sees athletes already qualified or too far back, there are a of athletes looking for slots in the final three full-distance Ironman races (Mont Tremblant, Sweden as WPRO only and Copenhagen as MPRO only). The races on August 28th are already part of the 2017 qualifying period. This post looks at the final slots to be decided based on the rankings before the last weekend and the start lists posted on the Ironman website.

After the races are over, I’ll post the unofficial rankings based on my calculations as soon as possible.


Based on the current situation, the first three of the remaining slots will go to Mary Beth Ellis, Saleta Castro and Bianca Steurer.

Here is a table at the athletes currently in the qualifying slots and those that are still able to move into the Top 7 August slots:

Rank Name Country Points Races Race Plan Needed
4 Schmitt, Natascha DEU 4.060 1+3 (2455/500)
5 Watkinson, Annah ZAF 3.890 2+3 (1070/180)
6 Herlbauer, Michaela AUT 3.865 3+2 (305/140)
7 Lidbury, Emma-kate GBR 3.695 3+2 (720/125)
10 Badmann, Natascha CHE 3.325 3+2 (230/135) IM Sweden 5th
11 Moeller, Kristin DEU 3.315 3+1 (170/515) IM Sweden 5th
15 Stevens, Amanda USA 2.925 2+3 (720/145) IM Mont Tremblant 4th
23 Wassner, Laurel USA 2.405 2+3 (340/75) IM Mont Tremblant 2nd
43 Bevilaqua, Kate AUS 1.775 1+3 (540/400) IM Mont Tremblant Win

(Please note that “Needed” is the minimum result needed for qualifying, however it does not assure a slot when others add points as well.)


The men’s situation is a lot more dynamic. Here’s a table looking at the athletes on the bubble and those that still have a chance to pass Paul Matthews who is currently in the last qualifying spot:

Rank Name Country Points Races Race Plan Needed
1 Raelert, Andreas DEU 7.200 1+0 IM Copenhagen
2 Billard, Bertrand FRA 3.990 2+3 (1070/320)
3 Buckingham, Kyle ZAF 3.840 3+2 (340/345)
4 Wiltshire, Harry GBR 3.760 3+2 (720/400) IM Copenhagen
5 Millward, Callum NZL 3.580 2+3 (685/435) IM Mont Tremblant
6 Mcdonald, Chris USA 3.525 3+2 (540/20) IM Mont Tremblant
7 Chrabot, Matt USA 3.470 2+3 (235/345)
8 Amorelli, Igor BRA 3.320 2+3 (235/240) IM Copenhagen
9 Costes, Antony FRA 3.280 2+3 (85/750) IM Copenhagen
10 Matthews, Paul AUS 3.225 1+3 (2455/145) IM Mont Tremblant
12 Aigroz, Mike CHE 3.200 3+2 (120/140) IM Copenhagen 10th
18 Brown, Cameron NZL 2.865 1+2 IM Copenhagen 7th
20 Clarke, William GBR 2.630 1+2 IM Copenhagen 5th
21 Guillaume, Romain FRA 2.535 2+3 (565/20) IM Mont Tremblant 5th
22 Rapp, Jordan USA 2.510 3+1 (340/115) IM Mont Tremblant 3rd
23 Starykowicz, Andrew USA 2.500 1+3 (960/400) IM Mont Tremblant 4th
25 Carvalho, Fabio BRA 2.460 1+3 (1670/135) IM Copenhagen 4th
26 Del Corral Morales, Victor ESP 2.320 1+2 IM Mont Tremblant 4th
28 Shearon, Jonathan USA 2.115 3+2 (230/100) IM Mont Tremblant 2nd
44 Blokhin, Anton BLR 1.735 1+3 (1600/15) IM Copenhagen 2nd
56 Leiferman, Chris USA 1.615 0+3 (-/435) IM Mont Tremblant 1st

(Please note that “Needed” is the minimum result needed for qualifying, however it does not assure a slot when others add points as well.)

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