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Performances of the Year 2012

In my recently released 2012 Rating Report (get your copy here), I’m also discussing the best performances of 2012 IM-distance racing season. My “Adjusted Results” allow a comparison between “slow” and “fast” courses and produce some changes of the order of actual results – even if this year the fastest times by Craig Alexander and Caroline Steffen in Melbourne are also my “Performances of the Year”.

It is interesting to note that both Crowie and Xena didn’t win Kona this year – it seems to be very hard to truly peak for Kona and another race in the same season. Caroline was really close this year: She had three of the best 10 female performances, but was overtaken by Leanda Cave (#7) in the final section of the run in Kona. Rachel Joyce had the 2nd and 3rd best results, but got sick just before Kona.

In 2011, Kona results were dominating the best results – 8 of the best 20 results were from Kona. This year the Kona winners are only 3rd and 7th, and only one other Kona result makes the Top 10. The penalties for the top women were probably a factor, but what happened on the men’s side? Instead of Kona, this year’s overall results are dominated by Melbourne, which managed to assemble a great field for their premiere race. I’m looking forward to the second edition!

TOP 10 Results of 2012

Rank Name Adjusted Result Actual Result Race
1 Craig Alexander 08:06:44 07:57:44 IM Melbourne on 2012-03-24
2 Cameron Brown 08:09:15 08:00:12 IM Melbourne on 2012-03-24
3 Pete Jacobs 08:09:49 08:18:37 IM Hawaii on 2012-10-13
4 Frederik Van Lierde 08:10:30 08:01:26 IM Melbourne on 2012-03-24
5 James Cunnama 08:10:43 07:59:59 Challenge Roth on 2012-07-08
6 Eneko Llanos 08:11:28 08:02:23 IM Melbourne on 2012-03-24
7 Marino Vanhoenacker 08:12:26 08:03:31 IM Germany on 2012-07-08
8 Nils Frommhold 08:12:46 08:03:13 IM Arizona on 2012-11-18
9 David Dellow 08:13:26 08:04:19 IM Melbourne on 2012-03-24
10 Timo Bracht 08:14:16 08:03:28 Challenge Roth on 2012-07-08

TOP 10 Female Results of 2012

Rank Name Adjusted Result Actual Result Race
1 Caroline Steffen 08:44:33 08:34:51 IM Melbourne on 2012-03-24
2 Rachel Joyce 08:56:04 08:46:09 IM Melbourne on 2012-03-24
3 Rachel Joyce 08:56:48 08:45:04 Challenge Roth on 2012-07-08
4 Sonja Tajsich 09:01:37 08:49:47 Challenge Roth on 2012-07-08
5 Caroline Steffen 09:02:23 08:52:33 IM Germany on 2012-07-08
6 Mary Beth Ellis 09:03:26 08:54:58 IM Texas on 2012-05-19
7 Leanda Cave 09:06:06 09:15:54 IM Hawaii on 2012-10-13
8 Caroline Steffen 09:07:08 09:16:58 IM Hawaii on 2012-10-13
9 Caitlin Snow 09:10:06 09:01:32 IM Texas on 2012-05-19
10 Mary Beth Ellis 09:10:08 09:02:48 IM New York on 2012-08-11
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