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Challenge Wanaka 2014 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

Even though they were not too many Pro finishers this year, conditions seemed to be pretty normal for Wanaka: A cold swim (probably the cause for a lot of the DNFs), followed by a scenic bike ride (also pretty slow) and an average run. There were hardly any changes in the course rating, now at -2:39 (making Wanaka one of the slower races on the calendar).

Male Race Results

Dylan McNeice successfully defended his title, again posting a very strong result. My pre-race favorite, Richard Ussher, was never really challenging him. Richard ran a sub-3h marathon, but was still bettered by Dylan’s 2:56. The last podium spot went to Iron-rookie Dougal Allan, who overcame his slow 1:03 swim with the fastest bike (4:45):



Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Dylan McNeice NZL 00:46:25 04:51:26 02:56:58 08:38:48 -23:08
2 Richard Ussher NZL 00:53:16 04:53:18 02:58:57 08:49:49 12:04
3 Dougal Allan NZL 01:03:42 04:45:22 03:01:03 08:54:37 n/a
4 Carl Read NZL 00:53:17 05:06:07 03:02:49 09:06:08 00:31
5 Matt Burgess NZL 00:50:56 04:52:23 03:24:02 09:12:10 n/a
6 Jaroslav Kovacic SLO 00:51:03 05:07:55 03:19:25 09:24:45 n/a
7 Courtney Ogden AUS 00:53:35     DNF  
8 Scott Defilippis USA 01:00:20     DNF  
9 Simon Cochrane NZL 00:55:59     DNF  
10 Keegan Williams NZL 00:53:21     DNF  
11 Bryan Rhodes NZL 00:50:52 05:18:59   DNF  
12 Matty White AUS 00:53:18     DNF  
13 Ben Logan NZL 00:50:52     DNF  

Female Race Results

As for the men, my pre-race favorite (Gina Crawford) struggled a bit, finished „only“ in second place, and was beaten by an athlete having a great day. Candice Hammond took out the win, while Simone Maier and Tamsyn Hayes were the remaining female finishers.


(Female finishers in order, starting with winner Candice Hammond on the left.)

Rank Name Nation Swim Bike Run Time Diff to expected
1 Candice Hammond NZL 01:03:50 05:09:56 03:15:38 09:33:54 -14:14
2 Gina Crawford NZL 00:53:20 05:20:18 03:21:51 09:41:08 08:34
3 Simone Maier GER 01:05:43 05:21:40 03:15:32 09:48:50 -17:14
4 Tamsyn Hayes NZL 01:00:43 05:23:59 03:41:52 10:11:56 -08:22
5 Carrie Lester AUS 00:57:16     DNF  

Photo Credit: Challenge Wanaka

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