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Ironman Hamburg 2018 (July 29th) – Entry List

IMHH_Logo Update June 21st:

  • Added Corinne Abraham, Maja Stage Nielsen (WPRO), James Cunnama, Christian Haupt, Christian Kramer, Philipp Mock, Joe Skipper and Jesper Svensson

Male Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
James Cunnama ZAF 6500 1+2 (5250/500)
Jesper Svensson SWE 2620 1+2 (2000/220)
Christian Kramer GER 2355 2+1
Miquel Blanchart Tinto ESP 2340 3+1 (405/15)
Joe Skipper GBR 2140 2+0
Horst Reichel GER 1445 1+2 (405/400)
Johann Ackermann GER 1185 1+2 (685/220)
Michael Patrick Alonso Mckernan ESP 960 1+0
Victor Arroyo Bugallo ESP 405 1+0
Per Bittner GER 325 2+0
Christian Brader GER 265 1+2 (230/15)
Inaki De La Parra POL 150 2+0
Markus Liebelt GER 135 0+1
Pavel Simko SVK 135 1+1
Philipp Mock GER 100 0+2 (0/35)
Christian Haupt GER 75 0+1
Markus Mlinar AUT 17 0+2 (0/7)
Kevin Thewes GER 5 0+1
Aleksander Kochetkov LTU 0 0+0
Andreas Niedrig GER 0 0+0
Andreas Raelert GER 0 0+0
Alexander Schilling GER 0 0+0

Female Race Participants

Name Nation KPR points KPR races
Sarah Crowley AUS 6480 1+0
Maja Stage Nielsen DEN 3335 2+1
Laura Philipp GER 3180 0+2 (0/750)
Daniela Saemmler GER 2460 1+2 (1280/540)
Katharina Grohmann GER 2020 2+1
Anja Beranek GER 2000 1+2 (960/500)
Sonja Tajsich GER 1800 2+1
Corinne Abraham GBR 1280 1+1
Carolin Lehrieder GER 0 0+0
Kristin Lie NOR 0 0+0

Kona Qualifying

Here’s a look at the male athletes that can secure a Kona slot in Hamburg:

  • James Cunnama just needs a finish.
  • Jesper Svensson could get a slot with fourth place.
  • Christian Kramer would need podium finish.
  • Joe Skipper needs at least a second place, but is on a number of other entry lists.
  • Miguel Blanchard and Horst Reichel can secure a Kona slot but probably need a win.

A number of female Pros could also secure their Kona slot:

  • Sarah Crowley just needs a finish (but is probably only on the list as a backup for IM Frankfurt).
  • Maja Stage Nielsen will secure a slot with a podium finish.
  • Laura Philipp is also racing IM Frankfurt, in case she races Hamburg she’d need a podium.
  • Daniela Sammler has to defend her title to get a July slot.
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