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Updated TOP10 Ratings and Course Ratings

After the Kona and Florida races (and some minor adjustments in my methodology), I’ve updated the TOP10 Ratings and Course Ratings pages. I will probably post a longer analysis in my planned end-of-year rating report, but here are some highlights:

  • Andreas Raelert is back in the #1 spot. (He slipped to #2 after Crowie’s great race in Melbourne and his sub-par race in Frankfurt, but the Kona results moved him back to the top.)
  • On the women’s side, Chrissie got dropped from the rankings (no race for more than a year). My new #1 is Rinnie, even if she is only slightly ahead of Mary Beth Ellis and Caroline Steffen.
  • On the course ratings side, I still have to do some catching up for the summer races, but IM Sweden is currently the fastest course (although with just one race so far we may see some changes next year).

Any suggestions and observations are welcome!

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