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Updated Top 10 Ratings, Course Ratings and Kona Odds

After the first round of Kona qualifying has been completed, I have updated the pages on the Top 10 Rankings (overall and in each of the legs), the Course Ratings and the Kona Odds.

The main change on the female side is that Miranda Carfrae and Jodie Swallow are now back in my rankings – they had more than one full year without an Ironman finish before finishing in Austria and Cairns. Rinny takes the #2 spot in the overall rankings and is still the best runner in the sport, while Jodie is the best swimmer and #5 overall.

The changes on the men’s side have been small, Frodo is still the #1 rated athlete, but even with his great race in Roth the distance to Sebi and Brent has gotten a bit smaller.

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