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IM Florida 2011 – Analyzing Results

Race Conditions

IM Florida saw some great times this weekend – for example Ronnie Schildknecht posted the first sub-8 in North America. The race conditions were favoring fast times: The adjustment for this race was 22:04 (the highest I’ve seen in Florida), almost as quick as Roth (2011 adjustment of 23:58).

Male Results

Ronnie Schildknecht finally started in another race than Switzerland and Hawaii and won in a convincing fashion:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Ronnie Schildknecht SWI 07:59:42 08:12:55
2 Maxim Kriat UKR 08:10:43 08:20:14
3 Justin Daerr USA 08:18:02 08:32:08
4 Mads Vittrup 08:21:31 09:16:15
5 Frank Vytrisal GER 08:21:48 08:34:32
6 Eduardo Sturla ARG 08:23:08 08:21:02
7 Christophe Bastie FRA 08:24:32 08:34:00
8 Scott Defilippis USA 08:27:13 09:12:02
9 James Bonney USA 08:29:56 09:18:02
10 Felix Schumann 08:35:08 08:18:57
11 Joel Jameson 08:35:31 08:49:59
12 Fabain Conrad 08:36:09 n/a
13 David Nasvik 08:38:56 08:55 09:47:45
14 Jesse Vondracek USA 08:45:27 09:14:34
15 John Flanagan USA 08:49:47 09:31:53
16 Devon Palmer USA 08:55:37 08:54:42
17 Brad Seng USA 09:05:29 08:54:51
18 Tim Snow USA 09:06:51 09:05:40
19 Markus Lichtenegger 09:07:53 09:23:13
20 Wolfgang Guembel CAN 09:08:17 08:47:47
21 Raymond Botelho USA 09:20:01 09:34:26
22 Christian Carletto 09:29:48 09:27:44
23 Craig Evans 10:06:55 11:22:17
24 Bojan Maric SCG 10:08:43 09:42:55

Female Results

Jessica Jacobs managed to defend her title and also finish sub-9:

Rank Name Nation Actual Time Expected Time
1 Jessica Jacobs USA 08:55:10 09:29:47
2 Mackenzie Madison USA 09:10:21 09:16:54
3 Sofie Goos BEL 09:22:21 09:20:04
4 Kim Loeffler USA 09:29:07 09:22:39
5 Stephanie Jones USA 09:33:45 10:16:23
6 Bree Wee USA 09:34:41 09:33:33
7 Heidi Jesberger GER 09:37:08 09:42:43
8 Eimear Mullan 09:41:58 n/a
9 Kristin White 10:05:16 n/a
10 Caroline Smith 10:40:41 10:40:25

2 thoughts on “IM Florida 2011 – Analyzing Results”

  1. I’m quite curious how you came up with expected time? If you look at my stats (13 David Näsvik) I would atleast predict under 8:50 since I have not done worse since 2007… You are also saying Florida is not as fast as Roth. I did 8:44 in Roth, go figure. I would say that I’m more qualified to talk about which course that was faster or not, since I did both this year. Swim and transitions was the only parts that was faster in Roth, bike this year had 1600m(more in yards) of elevation according to my garmin and was almost 2km to long(more than one mile). On the run, which is hillier in Roth, it was awesome condition in Florida, low 70 and chilly, where in Roth this year it was 85 and calm winds which made it hot.

    So to sum up, the great weather condition we had in Florida really gave all athletes a great opportunity to go fast, see IM AZ, everybody went really fast there yesterday and they had a cold day too.

    On a completely different sidenote both IM Wisconsin and IM Florida had Ironman Perform, which I ruined both of my races. Not GI-problems we are talking GI complete shutdown… Running the last 14miles without drinking or eating and still beat my time in Roth, says something about how fast Florida was!

  2. David,
    thank you for your comments. With the info you provided, I added your Roth result (which improved your expected time to 8:55). Most of your results are from Kalmar, which I haven’t added yet.
    With regards to your personal experience in comparing Roth to Florida – overall I still find more people racing “faster” in Roth than in Florida. This year they were pretty close (with Roth only two minutes faster than Florida), but overall the difference is more than five minutes.
    I hope you’ll manage to find some product that works during the marathon and that you continue to improve your times!

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