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Ironman Hawaii 2016 – How to Follow the Race


Just a few hours before the start of the “2016 Ironman World Championships” here is some information on how to follow the race.

First, here are the start times for the Pro races and the rough times when the first athletes are expected to hit T1, T2 and are likely to cross the finish line:

  • 6:25am Men’s Pro Start
  • 6:30am Women’s Pro Start
  • 7:15am First Man in T1
  • 7:22am First Woman in T1
  • 11:40am First Man in T2
  • 12:15pm First Woman in T2
  • 2:30pm First Man to Finish (would be 8:05 finish – course record is 8:03:56 by Craig Alexander from 2011)
  • 3:25pm Fist Woman to Finish (would be 8:55 finish – course record is 8:52:14 by Mirinda Carfrae from 2013)

These times are local times in Kona (Hawaii Standard Time). Just to give the time differences to a few other popular places (and the corresponding start time for the male Pro race):

  • +3 hours to US West Coast – race starts 9:25am local time
  • +6 hours to US East Coast – race starts 12:25pm local time
  • +11 hours to UK – race starts 5:25pm local time
  • +12 hours to Germany – race starts 6:25pm local time
  • +21 hours to Australia (Sydney) – race starts 3:25am local time on Sunday
  • +23 hours to New Zealand – race starts 5:25am local time on Sunday

Ironman will have a live stream hosted by Greg Welch and Mike Lovato, there will also be a “Live Blog” on the site. For me in Germany I also have the chance to watch the race on German TV, they have their own German commentary with triathlon experts and additional cameras to catch more German athletes during the race. The German language coverage will also be streamed through I’m not aware of any other nations covering the race live on one of their TV stations, as usual the NBC coverage won’t be available until a few weeks after the race.

In addition to the information on the live streams there is always lots of information on Twitter, and I’ll also be posting on during the race with preliminary analysis after the field hits T1 (so I can analyze the swim) and the front of the field has started the run (so I can analyze the bike and project an outcome based on what athletes “normally” run). In the days before the race I have already put together a long list of free Kona resources including blog posts and articles by the triathlon press and a number of interesting and inspiring videos.

If you haven’t downloaded my Kona Rating Report yet, you should do so before the race and have a look through the data and athlete portraits. I’m sure it’ll make following the race much more enjoyable as you’ll be able to get an understanding of each athlete’s strength and weaknesses – and you can also refer to it during the race when some not quite as well known shows up at the front of the race. The Report is still available for free here , it has been downloaded more than 1.300 times by now, and I’m very grateful for the donations to support my work.

To all my friends racing in Kona – have an awesome day!

Announcing the 2016 Kona Rating Report


For the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Kona I have released a 120+-page Rating Report with tons of information:

  • Detailed results and analysis of last year’s race
  • Information about the Kona course, top Kona finishers and the current course records
  • The Kona 2016 start list and my predictions and odds for the Pro athletes
  • How the race may unfold and what to watch for when the race is going on
  • Details about each Pro including their input and a lot of photos they have supplied

The Report is available for free, but it would be great if you can support my work before Kona and during the year by donating an amount of your choice, for example the list price of a regular tri magazine (around 7$).

The Kona Rating Report is the ideal information to have when following the Ironman Kona coverage!

Get The Kona Report

Here’s what others have said about the Report:

  • IMTalkLogo
    “Interview: We get Thorsten ‘The Geek’ from on the show again. We talk about Kona and his amazing 2016 Kona Rating Report” in Episode 535 of the IMTalk podcast.
  • LavaLogo
    “The highly-detailed document, complete with graphical representations of the data Radde has collected, brings Moneyball to multisport.” (Lava Magazine in their post about the Report)
  • The Report received a lot of love on Social Media .. just a few of the tweets:

Get The Kona Report

Kona 2016 Resources

Here is a list of resources for Kona 2016 (race on October 8th):

  • Kona Rating Report (100+ pages with tons of information about the Pro field, order using this link or click ‘Get Kona Report’ in the sidebar, check out some more details and feedback in the post announcing the Report)
  • My „always up-to-date“ Kona 2016 Pro Startlist (last update on Sept 29th with the withdrawals of Natascha Schmitt, Mareen Hufe and Pete Jacobs)
  • My predictions for the male and female Pros (including a “heatmap” of the strengths of each athlete).
  • If you want to know more details about the previous results of the Kona Pros, here’s a self-contained HTML file (that you can download locally – right click and “Save Link ..” or similar) with the 2016 Kona Pro Data.
  • I’ve had a great chat with John Newsom and Bevan Eyles on the IMTalk podcast (Episode 535).
  • The Kona previews I have written for triathlete Magazine are available on the web, check out my look at the female and male fields.
  • Tawnee Prazak and I have a race preview chat on the EndurancePlanet “Kona Special“.
  • On the “Cup of Tri” (Episode 93) Rob Wilby and I put a special focus on the chances of the British Pros in Kona.
  • I’ve had a long chat with Bevan McKinnon (who will be racing in Kona and hopes to do well in the M45 agegroup) about how the Kona Pro races are shaping up and who to look for on Fitter Radio. I’m stoked to be in the same episode with legends such as Lisa Bentley, Paul Buick, Brent McMahon and the IM Talk hosts Bevan and John.

Here are some more posts from my friends and triathlon media:

I’ll add to this list as soon as my friends and I release more information closer to the race!

Updated Top 10 Ratings, Course Ratings and Kona Odds

After the first round of Kona qualifying has been completed, I have updated the pages on the Top 10 Rankings (overall and in each of the legs), the Course Ratings and the Kona Odds.

The main change on the female side is that Miranda Carfrae and Jodie Swallow are now back in my rankings – they had more than one full year without an Ironman finish before finishing in Austria and Cairns. Rinny takes the #2 spot in the overall rankings and is still the best runner in the sport, while Jodie is the best swimmer and #5 overall.

The changes on the men’s side have been small, Frodo is still the #1 rated athlete, but even with his great race in Roth the distance to Sebi and Brent has gotten a bit smaller.

Announcing the TriRating Report 2015

BookMockup_paperback I’ve been busy working on my free TriRating Report 2015, more than 60 pages filled with results, data, and analysis about the 2015 season. This year I’ll be designating female and male “Athletes of the Year”, “Rookie of the Year” and “Comeback of the Year”. Of course the report also contains my Top 10 Ratings (overall and individually for swim, bike and run), the fastest 2015 times and best performances, 2015 Money Lists and a look forward to the 2016 Racing Season and to Kona 2016.

To test your knowledge about the 2015 season, here are a few trivia questions that will be answered in the report:

  1. Who had the fastest Ironman-distance times of 2015?
    1. Men
    2. Women
  2. Who posted the fastest marathon times in an Ironman in 2015?
    1. Men
    2. Women
  3. Who are the three Canadian athletes that won a Pro Ironman in 2015?
  4. Who had the slowest swim when winning an IM in 2015?
    1. Men
    2. Women
  5. Who overcame the biggest deficit after the bike to win an IM in 2015?
    1. Male
    2. Women
  6. Which athletes won two or more Ironman-distance races in 2015?
  7. Who are the last Pro podium finishers in Kona from the US?
    1. Men
    2. Women
  8. Which athletes won a 2015 race on a race on another continent than they are from?
    1. Three North American athletes that won a race in Europe?
    2. Three European athletes that won a race in North America (excluding Kona)?
  9. Which four athletes won a 2015 Ironman-distance race with the best times in all three legs?
  10. Which IM-distance races in 2015 had the closest margin between the winner and runner-up (Pros only)?
    1. Closest Men’s Race (race, margin, name of 1st and 2nd finisher)
    2. Closest Women’s Race (race, margin, name of 1st and 2nd finisher)

I’m sure that you’ll like what I’ve put together, so order today to re-live the 2015 season and get fired up for the upcoming 2016 races! The report is available for free, but if you want to you can show your support of my work by donating an amount of your choice. As always, thank you for your feedback and support!

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