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Ironman Cairns 2019 (June 9th) – Entry List


  • May 4th: Added Els Visser (WPRO) and Igor Amorelli, Jarrod Harvey, Thiago Vinhal (MPRO)
  • May 8th: Linsey Corbin indicated she no longer plans to race, I have crossed her name off the list.

Kona Slots and Prize Money

IM Cairns has 2m+2f +2u Pro Kona slots. It has a total prize purse of 150.000 US$, paying 10 deep.

Male Race Participants

Name Nation
Igor Amorelli BRA
Terenzo Bozzone (KQ) NZL
Matt Burton AUS
Braden Currie NZL
Alister Foot AUS
Jarrod Harvey AUS
Blake Kappler AUS
Tim Van Berkel AUS
Thiago Vinhal BRA
Justin Wendemuth AUS

Female Race Participants

Name Nation
Linsey Corbin (KQ) USA
Sarah Crowley (KQ) AUS
Claire Davis AUS
Chloe Lane AUS
Kristin Liepold GER
Kierra Sansome AUS
Sarah True USA
Els Visser NED
Kelsey Withrow USA
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