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Popular 2014 Posts

Here’s a quick look at the traffic in 2014 (based on my Google Analytics data):


Similar to the last years, I was able to increase my traffic significantly, with typical spike in October for Kona. Here are the most popular TriRating posts from 2014:

  1. Kona Live Predictions
    „Live Predictions“ is a fun project I repeated for Kona 2014: Updating my predictions as the race unfolds by using athlete’s projected capabilities in conjunction with their current splits. Again, I received ongoing technical support from Russell Cox, and some welcome financial support by VeloDynamics.
  2. Course Ratings
    This ongoing page shows how courses compare to each other – which are fast and slow, and how to convert times from one course to another.
  3. Kona Odds
    Based on athlete’s prior results, I calculate statistical odds for Kona. I let this slide for a bit in 2014, but the interest shows that I should be more diligent in 2015.
  4. Top 10 Ratings
    My top ranked Ironman-distance athletes, based on the statistical analysis of their race results. Again, another page I should probably update more frequently than I did in 2014.
  5. Changing the gap between the Pro Women and Age Group Men in Kona
    This post created my biggest traffic-spike outside of Kona. I analyzed the impact of different gaps in the Kona start times and produced a lot of chatter on Twitter.
  6. 2013 Money List
    A look at the money earnings of even the top athletes is always sobering and leads to a discussion of the state of Pro racing. A 2014 version is already in the works for my upcoming 2014 Rating Report.
  7. „Always Up-to-date“ Kona Startlist
    Most Kona start lists are just a one-time post. My version is updated as athletes accept/decline their spots and when athletes announce that they won’t be able to start.
  8. August Qualifier
    There was a lot of movement in the men’s August slots that I covered in this post.
  9. Silent Updates to the 2015 KPR
    There was a large number of posts as WTC announced changes in the KPR – I uncovered a few more changes that were not announced in a press release.
  10. Women’s Field as Deep as Men’s?
    Another post focused on „women’s issues“ that generated a lot of interest on Twitter. This time I looked for data supporting the claim that the women’s field is less deep than the men’s – but couldn’t find it.
Looking at the number, I was able to relive some of my favorite memories of the 2014 Ironman season, maybe you’d like to re-discover them with these posts as well?

My „bread-and-butter posts“ of race predictions and results analysis get quite some traffic as well, but they have a shorter „life span“ and therefore don’t get as many views as the standard pages or analysis posts in the Top 10 list above. (Not surprisingly, the most popular race post was on Kona, followed by predictions for Roth, Los Cabos and Florida.)

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